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A new soft skill

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A new soft skill

A new soft skill

Unfortunately few people speak about it, but we, as emperors of our mind, should have.

Did you understand what I’m talking about?

How many messages have you sent in your life? Maybe just on LinkedIn where you can see the small smiling face that makes clear that the recipient has read the message.

Just that this is the only answer you got.

Well the fault is not the recipient, surely he replied, the fault is yours because you have not yet learned to receive answers telepathically.

The skill I’m talking about is the ability to receive and understand answers telepathically.

And I’m serious.

As a good Irritant Coach, I would like to request that for every message you do not receive a written reply, you should feel obliged to thank for having obtained a telepathic response.
Write it: “Thank you for the telepathic response” perhaps adding to the message that you do not yet know how to master the very important telepathic reading skills: “unfortunately I am not yet able to read answers in telepathic way”. It can be a good way to request a written answer: “if you were kind enough to write the answer so I can read it and understand it” because you, intelligent person, can understand how much the communication constraints can be immense, sometimes though, the bonds of intelligence are greater than the immense.

And we all, should refuse to fight a war of intelligence, against unarmed people.

Remember that asking is lawful and answering is courtesy.

Even with a no.

And not telepathically.

It is not impossible, you do not yet have the knowledge.
Remove constraints, invest in your experience.

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