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IOT and bulding management.. Why to implement it?


IOT and bulding management.. Why to implement it?

IOT and bulding management.. Why to implement it?

All of us know what does it mean building maintenance, and improve this quality of service by
monitoring performance, and equiment’s maitenance status, but.. all of this process, need to be updated
on a system by someone, what could happen if it will self-updated by themself? It is possible? Let’s go to
This is the big challenge that we have to struggle and win.
In each of the biggest country there are some solutions that are going to be developed and
implemented, and only in a third phase, tested.
This process require a long time and a lot of money, because it need multiple skills to works on, but
now I will give an overview of what I’m talking about.
The great saving that you can have when the “automatic building” is up and running, is to be able to
incredibly reduce the waste of money for stopping an assembly line, or save energy by projecting
innovative building or restyle an old one, obviously all this things need to be monitored by computers, and
IT specalists.
So, where we start?
We need to have clear the project managing steps. The first one of this renewal process, is to
collect data, our own experience must be historicized in a database, as probably you heard we call it big
data, it’s a new concept of collect data, you don’t just have informations about you’re building, you’re
equipment, or others, but you use it in the way to prevent faults.
Store the fault cases (to avoid repeating), and just with these informations you can create a best
practice for you, for you’re staff, and offer better services or materials to you’re customers (Lego is one of
the most famous company that had adopted this strategy).
But.. there’s a new way to work, equipments can talk? Yes! And we call it IOT (internet of thinks), what does
it mean : is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with
electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and
exchange data. Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able
to inter-operate within the existing Internet infrastructure.
Extract from wikipedia.
Come back to us. Now we understand that all the data that we have about the past, need to be
collected in a database, the second step is to organized it in a logic way suitable for our purpose. Thirthstep, is to connect the new equipment, like : sensors, actuators, electronic devices (including badge access
and people’s counters), with the expressions that we put in the database.
After a few times, we can have the ‘past’ informations, with the new ones, with a vantage, that the
newest are directly updated in the database, and immediatly consultable. In some moths, all this data
togheder, can tell us if the temperature is to hight for our office, beause people manually put it off so
often.. Or the natural light it’s lowest than what people expect and they keep the inside light ever switched
on. There are many cases that can be analyzed, included public light of the street.
How much we can save with a new lighting system? This question, it has no answer without data,
specially without big data! And to have it? We’ll need of an IOT system monitoring, this is the way to make
our building and work place more confortable and safety, this will surely increase our productivity, and save
money (in the long period) at the same time.

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