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Listening is awareness

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Listening is awareness

Listening is awareness

Humans are different from other animals for two reasons, they have developed emotions to the top levels and they have the ability to communicate them, on the basis of these two factors, we managed to create everything we see now, the world in which we live and the inventions and discoveries we all use the days.

Art, religions, scientific subjects and learning in a general sense, have something that unites us all, the need for communication.

Thanks to the communication of a need, an emotion or a simple thought, we transmit to others a part of us, in a multicultural society that moves as fast as ours, communication is one of the few rescue anchors that separate us from being simple images with an imprinted reference number.

Why not then go into the subject?

In fact it has already been done and has always been a subject of hot debates since ages.
Several schools of thought have been created since the Greeks, having understood the great importance of communication, they had founded an empire thanks to the sharing of knowledge through the art of communication and philosophical thought.
Socrates was one of the first philosophers to create effective methods of communication and these methods have come down to us, partly evolved, in part equal to those he had structured.
Is it a coincidence that the Greeks themselves were one of the peoples who discovered and handed down a volume of immense practical and theoretical knowledge? Another coincidence that the Greeks are the second population by number of words in the dictionary?

No, communication is the basis of any meeting, relationship or exchange.

Being able to relate means being able to grow and grow people around us and therefore I place so much importance on communication.

The method that allows us to communicate and understand the emotions of others becomes for me the highest expression of the human being and it becomes obligatory for me to share this method with any person I meet.

In life, like in coaching, what matters is what you do.

If you want a better world, start by setting a good example, learn from it.

It is not impossible, you do not yet have the knowledge.
Remove constraints, invest in your experience.

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