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Humility is a task

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Humility is a task

Humility is a task

The criticisms work a bit like wounds, they hurt us, take time to heal and leave us with scars that we will remember. All this process helps us to fix the problem, which will become part of our memories, then assimilated by experience.

The compliments, are small matches thrown into the gasoline of our ego, the explosion swells us with pride, flatter us, give the impression of being good, and to continue to make us feel good, we repeat that praise up to cripple, up to make us come stomach acidity.

Because the ego is never satiated.

Compliments feed ego, criticism grow minds.

The key that can open many doors in life is the understanding and practice of this sentence.

Stop looking for compliments, they will not make you grow, instead look for criticism, especially constructive ones. Be proud to take responsibility for actions as proud as you are to show your achievements. Accept any criticism, listen to it, elaborate it and try to apply it in the best way the next time.

Humility will help you in this difficult task.

It is not impossible, you do not yet have the knowledge.
Remove constraints, invest in your experience.

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