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Who’s the game?

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Who’s the game?

Who’s the game?

You are in the middle of your path, you find yourself on a dark road, you are lost.
Don’t you know Dante?
In fact, in that sentence we can define our life. We are always in that dark haze, we never know which way it would be better to take and we often feel lost. Now we add a fact that we go against every day, we see a problem approaching, in the haze seems indistinct, maybe a man who wants to hurt us, feel that shiver that runs down the back, instinctively, we run away.
We leave behind and run away, to places we do not know. Sometimes we try to hide in even darker places, to avoid that problem. But we do not know what we’re going to meet. By giving our back to the problem we will not be able to distinguish it, we cannot evaluate it, we will not be able to deal with it properly, he will have the victory on our mind. Because your mind will already be prey.
This simulation shows who is the hunter and who’s the game. Unfortunately all the games return to the problem, sooner or later.
Do not run away from your problems, the solution of them will give you pleasure, grit and new strength to address the following. And most importantly, it will increase your experience, giving you the chance to solve others. An infinite spiral for winners.
I go hunting for trouble, I’m not their game.
Do you really want to improve your life? Start from here.

It is not impossible, you do not yet have the knowledge.
Remove constraints, invest in your experience.

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