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Stephanie Moletti


Stephanie Moletti

Stephanie Moletti: natural health entrepreneur teaching other women how to truly nourish themselves from cell to soul.

Stephanie Moletti

Stephanie Moletti: natural health entrepreneur teaching other women how to truly nourish themselves from cell to soul.

The Cisonopersone Project aims to bring out the personality of our time that can inspire others, through the stories of men and women of our time who realize their dreams and their goals.

Today I will tell you the story of Stephanie Moletti: a beautiful example of a woman who with great courage has reinvented herself as natural health entrepreneur, to balance the rhythms of private and professional life.
In this very intimate interview, Stephanie recounts her journey, challenges, difficulties and successes of a woman who is not afraid of failing and who realizes her dreams every day with perseverance, love and determination.

Stephanie how did you decide to start the business of an entrepreneur and what difficulties did you encounter in the initial phase, who encouraged and who discouraged you in particular?

I’m an American expat who has been living overseas for more than 10 years with my husband’s job. I knew I wanted to create something in my life outside of my primary role as a mother to our 3 beautiful boys. But with our lifestyle, I needed something that would be mobile, location-free, and with time flexibility, so creating an online business made sense for me and for my family.

As a mother, the health of my children is a top priority. As I started to learn more about essential oils and nutrition, I realized that these passions not only transformed the way I mothered, but also allowed me the ability to transform the lives of others through my coaching, workshops, webinars and one-on-ones.

My husband has been a wonderful support for my business. And my boys are my biggest cheerleaders. They love the essential oils and are constantly asking what oil they need for their bumps, bruises, tummy aches, etc. They’re also realizing the emotional support the oils provide them. I love that I’m raising kids who are learning to listen to their bodies, helping them to become more self-aware. I’m empowering my kids in the process of building my business. That’s a major win win.

As for difficulties, there are always challenges on the path, but the goal is to learn from them and get back up. I think as an entrepreneur the biggest challenge is to stay motivated and stay focused. Working from home, it’s easy to get distracted by all the other things that need to be done around the house. Balancing being a mom and a wife while still staying focused on building my business is my biggest daily challenge.

Sometimes passions appear already in early childhood, other times they are tormented choices, others still explode suddenly. How was your passion for a more natural world born?

The birth of my first child was the real catalyst for what has become my business. I was in awe of the tiny human my body had created, grown and birthed. He was so perfect, but he also had minor health issues. He had digestive issues and sleep problems early on, so exploring natural health alternatives became my mission as a mom. I became an avid researcher of anything that could help my baby. After the birth of my 3rd, I began working with a health coach for my own wellbeing. This led to a year-long health coaching program during which I re-discovered essential oils. This is when I turned my passion into a business.

I love that as I learn for my business, I’m also learning as a mother. My business informs my mothering and vice versa.

What are the differences between a woman entrepreneur and a businessman?

I’m always a mom first. With my business, I have massive time flexibility. I schedule my calls and workshops around my life – not the other way around. My business is one of service, which means I get to change lives every day. I don’t think the average businessman has that experience. I worked in the corporate world for 15+ years. I wouldn’t trade what I’ve created now for the business suits, business hours, working for someone else and their agenda for a minute.

Then there’s the fact that I work from home the majority of the time, so there are days where I get to stay in my yoga pants from morning to evening.

But I think the down side for women is that we carry a big emotional workload on top of any business endeavours. The meal planning, the kids’ schedules, my husband’s travel schedule, the grocery runs, the laundry, tending to the emotional needs of little people – there’s always a running to-do list in my brain which can be draining if I allow it to take over.

What are the greatest difficulties in reconciling private and working life?

There is always something I could be doing for my business. Working from home means that the separation of work and life requires fierce boundaries. With laptops and smartphones, we’re literally always available. So I have to be very conscious to put the phone down when the kids are home from school. I work hard to create “business hours” for myself and then close down until I get the kids to bed.

What is success at work for you?

The texts and emails I receive from happy customers and clients. Learning how the oils have changed the life of another family. I’m happiest when I’m teaching and sharing. Happiness equals success in my world and the more I share, the more I’m rewarded financially as well.

What strategies do you implement and what advice do you feel about giving to young women who, like you, are faced with their own situation without neglecting their individuality and professionalism?

Take time for yourself daily, even just 5 to 10 minutes, to quiet the mind and tap into your inner wisdom. Then…. trust this wisdom. We are constantly looking outside ourselves for guidance, validation, approval, advice, etc. It’s time more women started to trust their own inner guidance system – and then followed it!

A reality like yours, which carries out projects in partnership, I imagine that it needs investments, above all in communication and marketing. If so, how much have you invested in the field?

Early on my only “marketing and communications” program were word of mouth and my social media posts. And honestly that remains my most effective marketing – referrals from happy clients and customers is the basis of my business. However, as my business has grown, I have begun investing in outside support for some social media marketing and assistance in creating a website/online presence.

The keys to success are perseverance, dedication and passion. To realize oneself in life it takes courage to dare for what one believes in. The fear of failure is something that unites everyone and it is what often hinders people in following their dreams and their heart.
Do you think that these awarenesses are useful in business?

Absolutely! As an entrepreneur, you need daily rituals in place to remind yourself of why you’re in this business – whatever that business may be. Your “why” is central to maintaining that forward momentum in the face of adversity. You need to take time daily to stoke your passions and to fill your cup.

I also believe in embracing your failures. I “fail” in some way, shape or form on a daily basis in some aspect of my life. I’m a “recovering perfectionist” and work daily to let go of that need to do it all and do it all perfectly. Rather I take my “failures” as learning opportunities. Failures teach me how to do it differently/better next time around.

What advice can you give to young women like you who want to enter? How to form and who to rely to take the first steps?

Find a mentor! Someone to help you map out your ideas and first steps. If you can’t find that person, take the first steps anyway. The teacher/mentor will come eventually.

Don’t be afraid to fail! This is how you learn what NOT to do next time.

Most important, get out of your head and take action. Daily consistent action is what helps you move toward your goals.

The rhythms of everyday life sometimes make us forget to devote time to ourselves, to our psychophysical well-being. How can essential oils help to detach us from a highly medicalized modern life model?

Essential oils have become such an integral part of my everyday life, I really don’t know how I operated before. They support me emotionally, physically and spiritually. They have helped me reduce the toxic load in our home. They are my first line of defense whenever myself or one of my boys are coming down with something. We use them to support sleep, immunity, mood management, focus and attention (especially during homework time), hormonal balance, digestive function, the body’s natural detoxification systems. I have incorporated them into my yoga and meditation practices. I have diffusers throughout the house and in every bedroom. We’re “essentially obsessed” ?

I am not opposed to modern medicines. I’m sincerely grateful for modern medicine advances. However, I feel that we’ve surrendered our power to doctors and have lost the ability to tune into what our bodies truly need. We are so fast to pop a pill to alleviate a symptom, rather than understand root causes of these symptoms and addressing the body as a whole. That’s where I feel the oils are so supportive. They address the person as a whole and provide support in allowing a body to tap into its own healing abilities. We all have that ability. We simply need to support our body in the process.


Stehanie Moletti Do TerraStephanie Moletti Murphy is an essential oils educator and natural health coach for women.

She teaches safe and effective ways to implement essential oils into one’s wellness regime.

Additionally, she coaches private clients one-on-one to help them reach their personal health and wellness goals.

Stephanie studied health coaching along with more than100 different dietary theories at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York.

She is an American expat, living overseas for more than 10 years. She currently lives in County Dublin, Ireland with her husband and 3 boys.
Stephanie Moletti Website:

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