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E-business: How to set up a profitable business thanks to the Internet!


E-business: How to set up a profitable business thanks to the Internet!

E-business: How to set up a profitable business thanks to the Internet!

On Sunday, February 16, 2020, an “E-business” meeting was held at the Café Littéraire.
from Marrakech (Dar Saïda) with the theme: how to set up a profitable business
thanks to the Internet under the initiative of the “cabinet Digitaconseils” specialized in
support for the digital transformation of companies and online sales
represented by Mr. Thierry DEGLA. The purpose of this meeting was to show
unemployed youth and those seeking additional income
that they can build a business on the Web, and that, without any investment or
with the minimum of what they’ve got. First of all, Mr. Thierry DEGLA has
presented the various speakers to an audience composed of students, employees and
contractors. Among these speakers, we can note the presence of Mr.
Bruce Ilembi Lecturer-researcher at the Private University of Marrakech and PhD student
in legal sciences (Cadi AYYAD University) and Mr. Moulay Mehdi CHERIF
D’OUEZZANE Senior Business Advisor. The themes addressed during this
event were divided into four parts. In the first part, Mr.
Thierry DEGLA presented the top 10 businesses to make money on the Internet.
He also explained the advantages and disadvantages of each business.

listed. Subsequently, in Part II, he explained the operation of the
dropshipping as well as its advantages. With the support of Mr. Bruce Ilembi..,
Moulay Mehdi CHERIF D’OUEZZANE and Thierry Degla on the third parts which
were about E-commerce in Morocco, they demonstrated to the public that you can leave
from nothing and start a profitable Internet business. Likewise, Mr. Moulay
Mehdi CHERIF D’OUEZZANE shared his experience with the audience on the aspect of
related to digital marketing. Finally, Mr. Bruce presented the “aspects of digital marketing”.
legal issues inherent in the deployment of profit-making activities on the Internet”. It has built
the audience on the criteria for choosing legal status, the management of obligations
Taxation of the self-entrepreneur Vs obligations of a manager of a limited liability company in particular.
Finally, he was able to address other related issues relating to the management of the following aspects
contractual arrangements, partnership management, intellectual property management, the
protection of consumer rights in e-commerce, the means to protect them, and the
limitation of the contractor’s liability. The session concluded with the
exchanges of contact.

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